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Mittwoch, 22 September 2021
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The price for WinWASI 5.0 depends on which version you want to use. There is the basic version and the full version either as single or as network licence. You can either buy WinWASI 5.0 or lease it for at least 3 years. In case of leasing all updates are included in the leasing price. The prices for LIMSWASI 1.0 are similar to the pricesof the basic version. A discount of 50% on the prices for LIMSWASI 1.0 is grantedto users of WinWASI 5.0.

You can test WinWASI 5.0 and LIMSWASI 1.0 for a period of 30 days against a fee of 100 Euro, accountable in case of purchase. 

Basic Version Single User 1.020,00 Euro
 Leasing Single User / Year350,00 Euro
 Network Licence
1.270,00 Euro
 Leasing Network Licence / Year440,00 Euro
Full VersionSingle User
1.780,00 Euro
 Leasing Single User / Year600,00 Euro
  Network Licence
2.290,00 Euro
 Leasing Network Licence / Year760,00 Euro

To Universities we grant a discount of 50% on the above prices. All prices are understood as net prices excluding shipping cost of 12 Euro and excluding VAT. .